Meet Donna and our specailist treatments...


Our advanced skincare specalist Donna Waugh has many years of exspirence and loves to make you feel special throughout your treatment


Meet Donna in her welcome video below, and she will talk you through each service she offers.

You will need to have a free consultation before booking your slot you can arange that by calling Sarah Jane on 01322447102 we will carry out any patch tests and go through any questions regarding the treatment ..




includes your top up 6 weeks after



includes a chemical peel


Now we have an alternative to surgary !

scar/mole resurfacing                       £50.00

skin tag removal                                 £50.00

Decollete                                              £595.00

Neck Lift                                              £595.00

Nasolabial (nose to mouth lines )  £295.00

Lower face lift (jawline contour)    £395.00

Top lip line (smokers lines)            £295.00

Crows feet                                           £295.00

Brow lift                                               £395.00

Upper and lower eye areas              £595.00

Upper eyelid                                       £395.00


If you would like futher info on any treatments you see please dont hesitate and call us today or email

one of the team will be more then happy to help