We will pamper you from top to toe with  our indulging body therapy treatments.

We use pre blended Neal's Yard natural oils to create an aroma to suite your needs , we can treat those day to day tension areas or any specific problems.

Choose your preferred pressure




Make sure you tell the therapist before she starts the treatment so your comfotable

We will tell you how to prepare for each treatment and what items of clothing needs to be removed, we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Meet the massages

The two prices are for therapist or director

Full back massage                            £38.00 .. £45.00

Back massage                                   £28.00 .. £35.00

60 minute back massage                £35.00 .. £45.00

Pressure point head massage        £17.00  .. £20.00


Deep tissue massage

Full body deep tissue massage         £45.00 .. £60.00

Back massage deep tissue massage  £35.00 .. £42.00

60 min deep tissue back massage     £38.00 .. £52.00

Hot stone massage

Hot stones are used as an extension of our own hands to help relax and unwind the muscles


Full body                                              £52.00 .. £60.00

Back only                                              £37.00 .. £45.00