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As lash extensions take the Beauty industry by storm …. .

Here’s a bit of info about

Lash growth and health

I am often asked questions on why we lose our lash extensions at different


Did you know that I have over 10 years of lash experience?

Do you really know the lash treatment you’re receiving?

Here is a bit of behind the scene info that we have to think about before we create your amazing lashes ….

Lash intensity

Did you know ?

A basic set of classic lash on lash extensions consist of approxamately 60 lash extensions on each eye !

I bet you didn’t think you had that

Many eye lashes’!

Clients wanting a fuller look could have as many as 120 lashes applied per eye.

Obviously we need to take into account the your natural lashes before deciding on the length and thickness of the lash extensions we are going to add

We have to take into consideration what stage your natural lashes are at, before we apply the extensions….…

‘Yes we have to go through all your lashes it’s not always easy!’ …

This explains why you can lose your lash extensions at any point!

Here is the cycle of hair growth and names of the different stages.

ANAGEN – (Active stage)

This stage of the cycle can last from a few months to several years. This is the active

growing stage where a rich blood supply is present at the papilla.

The hair germ cells reproduce and formed the hair bulb which develops into hair growing

up the follicle. The average rate of growth is ½’’ per month

CATAGEN- (Changing stage)

This stage of cycle is transition stage from active to resting. On average, this stage last

from 2-4 weeks. The hair stops growing, the follicle begins to shrink or a new hair begins

at the base of the follicle as the old hair moves slowly up the follicle.

TELOGEN – (Resting stage)

This stage of cycle is the resting stage. Generally it does not last long, and soon a

replacement hair will start to grow at the base of the follicle and the cycle will start again.

All three phases can occur at the same time, meaning that some eyelashes can be growing

at the same time as others are ready to be shed. Whist 40% of the upper lashes are in the

Anagen stage at any one time.

Identifying whether the lash is at the start or end of its life is critical for understanding

whether a lash extension should be applied.

Lash health….

Skin care hair care and nail care are commonly understood concepts, but what about lash care?

People often forget that their eyelashes also need care and attention to stay healthy.

Lashes can be thick thin, long or short, dry or oily.

When we add lash extensions or we lift the lashes. We need to ensure that we treat the lashes with care. We certainly don’t want to cause any damage to the natural lashes. If anything, we want to improve the health of our client’s lashes.

Healthy lashes are our priority at Sarah Jane’s Hair and Beauty...

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Now you have a bit of a understanding to why you lose lashes at different stages of your lash treatments.

Love Sarah Jane and the team xxx

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