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What are your Nails trying to tell you ??

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Your Nails can tell you a lot about your health and welbeing......

* Nails with a yellowish tone If you love your dark shades of nail polish (we certainly do!), yellow nails are often just a result of wearing dark nail polish for lengthy periods without a proper base coat. A few days rest from polish usually does the trick and they will return to their natural colour and the yellowish tinge will disappear. But, should the yellow tone remain for more than a week or so and is accompanied with other symptoms such as reddish, tender or swelling in the nail beds or nails, it could be that you have a fungal infection and should consult a doctor.

* Nails that peel Nail plates are made up of several layers of keratin, which are sealed together. If you hands are often exposed to cold, dry air or water, the top layers of your nails may loosen and as a result, peel. Using a good hand lotion will help and nail polish can help seal these layers together. If you notice excessive peeling, it could be that you need more of a nutrient called linoleic acid in your diet. But the good news is, simply adding more vegetable oils such as olive or sesame oil into your diet will have a massive benefit and should help keep peeling at bay.

* Brittle nails Brittle and weak nails can be very common with up to 20 percent of women suffering from them and they are usually caused by an iron deficiency, so try eating more eggs and dark leafy green veggies. There is another major cause of brittle nails – water! As mentioned earlier, dose up on the hand lotion and make the positive diet changes, however should these still not make a difference, you should see a medical professional just to be on the safe side. Lastly, we’ve only just scratched the surface (pardon the pun) in this blog, so if you notice anything particularly strange with your nails (e.g. white or concave nail plates, inflammation or puffiness), please see a medical professional if in doubt.

With all that in mind

Here’s what we offer in salon to help all of the above ....

* We use a nail oil called solar oil and it feeds your nails with keratin which is designed to strengthen and repair them Use this twice a day for best results

* We offer a full range of pampering manicures that include hand massages that help create more blood supply to your nails for healthy growth

* We offer longer wear gel nail polishes that will Help to strengthen your natural nail

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