Welcome to our waxing services, we use two types of wax during our treatments to ensure your waxing needs are treated properly

Hot or Warm wax can be used on all body areas

we use a lavender or tea tree warm wax and the amazing Kim lawless Hot wax


We advice you to exfoliate at lest the day before your waxing service and avoid hot baths or sun before or after each service

Please call us for more info


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Eyebrows           £8.50

Lip or chin         £5.50

Side of face        £13.00

Underarm          £8.00

Bikini (tidy)       £12.00

Bikini (high)      £16.00

Thong line         £22.00

Brazilian            £36.00

Hollywood         £42.00

Full leg               £24.00

Full leg and bikini   £33.00

Half leg              £18.00

Half arm            £12.oo

Full arm            £17.00